Diamond Drilling


Diamond Cutting & Drilling Services

Ireland based leading cutting and drilling company providing the best services in the industry.

Diamond drilling is another form of core drilling that uses a rotary drill with an attached diamond bit to create precisely measured holes…

Diamond sawing is one of the cleanest and most accurate methods to cut  horizontal flat surfaces such as concrete slabs, roads, bridge decks….

Diamond core drilling is a low noise, non-percussive, and dust-free drilling method used to make smooth holes….

Without disturbing the existing structure we can break the concrete structure according to your needs….

At Diamond Cutting & Drilling, we use the most comprehensive and effective methods to remove and alter concrete walls….

We have the best solution in diamond drilling, core drilling, and concrete breaking

We offer high-quality cutting and drilling services in Ireland. Apart from this, we offer these services according to the various specifications of the client’s requirements. Our services are known for their quality of work, speed, and timely execution.

More than 30 years experience in the industry

As concrete cutting contractors and core drilling specialists, we have gained a formidable reputation for efficiency and quality of work within some of the most prestigious and challenging places for diamond drilling in Ireland.